Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to use the portal?
Visit and click on the “service providers” link, then click “service provider portal” link and click “Register” on the left side of the page directly beneath the login / password section. You will be prompted to complete the required account information, ie- provider number, zip code, contact name, log-in ID and valid e-mail address. Once you have completed entering this information, click the "register" link and you will receive an e-mail shortly (no longer than 5 minutes) with your log-in and password to the site.
What if I did not receive an e-mail with my log-in & password information?
Most likely your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has filtered certain e-mails from entering your inbox. Check your junk mail or spam folder for an e-mail addressed from If you still can not locate, contact our Provider Relations Department for assistance.
What if I forgot my password?
On the service provider portal main page, click on the "Forgot your Password" link. Enter your provider number and zip code you originally registered with. You will be e-mailed a log-in & password to the e-mail address on file from your registration.
How do I submit an Invoice for payment?
Once logged in you will arrive at the "Business Center" which is a summary of the past 90 days of claim activity. Select the Submit Invoice tab and enter a valid PO, then click view. The PO data will load, and then proceed to the billing information section below. Select the service performed from the drop-down list and allow the page to refresh to auto-load your rates. Then enter your invoice number (tow ticket #) for future accounting reference. Complete the remaining fields for en route, loaded miles, cash received, other charges and enter your bill total, then click submit. The PO will now be visible on the main Business Center page under the Submitted PO’s tab.
What if the PO# is not found or can’t be entered under submit invoices?
Most likely you have one of the following three scenarios:
  • Wrong PO# entered
  • PO# could have been cancelled by the dispatch center
  • PO# is older than 90 days from the service date
Please confirm from the fax dispatch that the PO is correct. If this is not the problem, you will need to contact the Provider Network Support Team for assistance.
How do I locate my invoice number to reconcile PO’s?
From the main page on the Business Center locate the check number you would like to audit. Click directly on the check number for a detail of the PO’s included in that particular payment. In the detail view, you will find the PO date, PO Number, your invoice number and the paid amount. This view can also be printed from your internet browser on a standard 8.5x11.
How do I view my contracted rates or account information?
From the main page on the Business Center click on the "Account Information" link on the upper right side of the page. From this view you have access to account info, contact info and rates tabs.
Where do I locate important contact and training information?
From the main page on the Business Center click on the "Provider Information" link on the upper right side of the page. From this view you have access to the Provider Kit, Training Link and Support Team contact.
The webpage has text which overlaps and is difficult to read?
You will need to change the browser text size. Go to your web browser’s menu and click on view, then text size. Select medium or small and this should allow you to view the website properly.
Who do I contact for help?
The Road America Provider Network Support team is confident your organization will benefit from this portal and stands ready to service your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (888) 293-6672 or e-mail:
Is my information Safe and Secure?
Your privacy is important to Road America and in order to protect your information, all sessions will be handled securely through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when you login.
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